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Taurus and Aave announce strategic collaboration

Taurus and Aave announce strategic collaboration

London, March 08, 2021

Taurus, the market-leading digital asset platform, has partnered with Aave, an open source and non-custodial liquidity protocol for lending and borrowing. Taurus has integrated the Aave Protocol (both v1 and v2 versions) into its end-to-end digital asset infrastructure, enabling banks and exchanges to directly deposit and borrow a wide range of digital assets.

Taurus has decided to build bridges with the DeFi space, starting with Aave Protocol, due to the increasing demand of institutional and banking clients looking for new sources of risk-adjusted returns.

Taurus integrated Aave in both its custody - Taurus-PROTECT - and smart contract issuance and interaction platforms - Taurus-CAPITAL - allowing institutional clients to interact seamlessly with any of the Aave Protocol functionalities: deposit, withdraw, borrow a wide range of assets and stake AAVE tokens. Taurus’ infrastructure is multi-asset and smart-contract agnostic. It allows clients to issue assets on the standard of their choice but also interface and service any smart contract already issued anywhere in the world. This works with tokenized assets as well as DeFi protocols such as Aave.

The Aave Protocol provides decentralised backend infrastructure for lending and borrowing without involving a financial intermediary. Depositors can lend digital assets in a liquidity pool and earn interest on them as the underlying asset is loaned out to borrowers. Interest rates are determined based on the liquidity supply and borrowing demand. Since there are no ‘middlemen’, interest rates for depositors have been historically higher than in a traditional savings account elsewhere. Aave has been one of the fastest growing DeFi protocols globally, attracting both retail and institutional clients.

Aave CEO Stani Kulechov says

“DeFi provides transparent, efficient, and cost-effective solutions for banks to deploy their capital more effectively. We are excited to work with Taurus who’s a leader in onboarding banks to DeFi through its secure custodian and smart contracts platforms. We look forward to exploring further synergies with Taurus as the ecosystem grows.”

Managing Partner at Taurus Lamine Brahimi says,

“We have been following the DeFi space for a while and we think it is the right moment to give access to it to our clients that have asked for exposure to. Collaborating with Aave was a natural choice for us: it is a world-leading protocol with a proven track record and robust risk management”.

About Aave
Aave is a decentralised, open-source, and non-custodial liquidity protocol on Ethereum. Depositors earn interest by providing liquidity to lending pools, while borrowers can obtain loans by tapping into these pools with variable and stable interest rate options. Aave Protocol is unique in that it tokenizes deposits as aTokens, which accrue interest in real time. It also features access to Flash Loans and Credit Delegation as uncollateralised loan options.

About Taurus SA
Taurus SA was founded in April 2018 in Geneva, Switzerland, specialising in digital assets and blockchain. Taurus was founded by senior executives with a background in banking, regulatory, IT and cybersecurity. Taurus offers enterprise-grade market infrastructure solutions for digital assets as well as other financial services to institutional clients. It is a leader in Europe and Switzerland. At the time of writing, more than 1 bank out of two that has entered the space in Switzerland runs on Taurus. For more information, please visit Taurus' website.

Aave - Isa Kivlighan
Head of Marketing

Taurus - Victor Busson
CMO and head of Strategic Partnerships