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Taurus joins the MPC Alliance

Taurus joins the MPC Alliance

Taurus is pleased to join the MPC Alliance, the world’s first international organization for secure multi-party computing technology, to work with industry pioneers to promote the implementation and standardization of secure multi-party computing (MPC) technology worldwide.

MPC Alliance is an alliance of global corporations and enterprises that dedicate their resources to MPC research and accelerating the industry adoption and implementation of MPC technology.

The membership in the MPC Alliance is another step Taurus is taking to better understand and develop MPC-based technology together with leading players in the field.

Taurus invests significant amounts of time and resources in applied research and technology at large. It is particularly interested in building highly scalable, production-ready privacy-preserving computation to complement its existing HSM-based infrastructure.

You can find more info on MPC alliance: https://www.mpcalliance.org