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Taurus enhances Taurus-PROTECT with AML and fraud detection capabilities

Taurus enhances Taurus-PROTECT with AML and fraud detection capabilities
Geneva – Luxembourg: Taurus SA (Taurus), a Swiss FinTech specialized in digital assets infrastructure, and Scorechain SA (“Scorechain”), a Luxembourg-based digital assets analytics and forensic platform, announce the successful integration of AML (Anti-Money Laundering Law) and KYT (Know Your Transaction) module with Taurus-PROTECT. This constitutes a world premiere.

Taurus-PROTECT is a leading, on-premise, digital asset and crypto-currency cold storage solution, designed for banks, asset managers and exchanges. It is already in production with several leading banks and financial institutions in Europe. Scorechain is the leading European digital asset analytics and origin of funds tracking solution used by compliance professionals.

Sébastien Dessimoz, founding member of Taurus SA: “We have since day 1 added risk management, treasury management, and advanced security features to Taurus-PROTECT. By adding an AML and fraud detection module to Taurus-PROTECT, we remain faithful to our vision that the best custody solutions should do much more than protecting private keys. Our clients can now better control and monitor money laundering risk on all addresses they manage with Taurus-PROTECT, in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.”

Pierre Gérard, CEO of Scorechain: “We are continually improving our products today covering Bitcoin, Lightning Channels, Ethereum, ERC20 tokens and stable coins. The integration of Scorechain tools with Taurus-PROTECT allows our customers to easily benefit of a very advanced storage solution and of powerful monitoring and reporting features of their assets and counterparties.”


About Taurus SA

Taurus SA is a Swiss financial services company specialized in digital assets and blockchain. It was founded by senior executives from the banking, asset management, regulatory, and cybersecurity areas. Its offering relies on three pillars:

  • Taurus-TRADE: providing brokerage and digital assets exchange services to institutional and private investors;
  • Taurus-INVEST: providing digital asset advisory services;
  • Taurus-PROTECT: providing ultra-secure safekeeping of digital assets.

Media relations:

  • media@taurushq.com
  • M. Christophe Lamps, Senior Partner Dynamics Group, cla@dynamicsgroup.ch (+41 79 476 26 87)

About Scorechain

Created in 2015 and based in Luxembourg, Scorechain provides AML & Compliance solutions for crypto currencies with a very powerful and unique scoring system and advanced analytics. It offers Bitcoin analytics platform since 2015 and launched the first Ethereum analytics platform covering ETH transactions and ERC20 token analytics in October 2018.

In Mars 2019, Scorechain has announced the launch of its new features with the integration of the Lightning Network channels in its Bitcoin solution and becomes the first crypto AML provider that integrates Lightning in its transaction analytics. Today, Scorechain serves exchange platforms, brokers, ICOs, private banks, audit firm and asset managers all over the world.

Media relations:

• contact@scorechain.com
• Ms. Xiaoling Huang, Marketing Officer, xiaoling.huang@scorechain.com (+352 20 40 80 42 19)