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Taurus deepens its collaboration with Thales

Geneva, July 05, 2022 - Taurus SA (“Taurus”) deepens its collaboration with Thales by extending support to all the relevant Thales Hardware Security Modules (“HSMs”) and increasing their geographic footprint across multiple regions starting with Europe and Middle East.
Taurus deepens its collaboration with Thales

Securing any digital asset with a wide range of Thales HSM.

Taurus and Thales continue their strategic collaboration, initiated in 2018, to deliver the most secure and flexible digital asset custody solutions to institutional players. Taurus-Protect, the leading European custody solution for banks, now supports all the relevant FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified Thales hardware security modules (HSMs). Taurus-Protect can also be deployed on Microsoft Azure by leveraging dedicated Thales Luna 7 HSMs.

Taurus has been using banking-grade, FIPS-certified HSMs since its founding in 2018, and subsequently developed MPC-based solutions, which notably lead to the first open-source implementation of the state-of-the-art MPC protocol for ECDSA signatures[1]. Answering a market demand – especially from banks – to extend its HSM-based offering, Taurus delivers one of the widest spectrum of solutions in the industry.

Taurus leverages Thales FIPS 140-2 Level 3 security appliances to offer a hardware root of trust, secure storage of cryptographic secrets, and trusted execution environment to perform BIP32/44 key derivation, transaction signature, and security controls. The flexibility and scalability of the Thales Luna 7 HSMs has been particularly conducive to these advancements. Based on this, Taurus' solution supports billions of wallets and addresses, multi-tenant set-ups based on the same HSM, as well as active–active high-availability and multi-site deployments.

Beyond product, a geographic collaboration across multiple regions: Europe & the Middle East

Taurus will also collaborate with Thales to onboard and serve new banking clients in Europe and the Middle-East, where regulations are being clarified. By combining forces, they will offer one of the most secure custody solutions in the market.

Dr. Jean-Philippe Aumasson, co-founder and Chief Security Officer at Taurus, commented:

“Secure hardware is the cornerstone of any high-assurance computing system, and for that reason HSMs are essential. We are pleased to deepen our collaboration with Thales, a recognized global leader in security, providing our clients further choice and capabilities.”

Todd Moore, Vice President of Encryption products at Thales, said

“The digital transformation of payments with blockchain promises to deliver substantial benefits to financial institutions and payment providers,” Thales’ HSM technology offers financial institutions the highest levels of payment application security, but with compelling new features, including scalability, crypto algorithm agility and remote management.”

[1] https://blog.taurushq.com/first-open-source-implementation-of-mpc-cmp/