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Scalability solutions - Ethereum Layer 2 - Part I

All you need to know about Ethereum L2 protocols in our new technology report
Scalability solutions - Ethereum Layer 2 - Part I

Blockchain scalability is a key matter for many uses cases to thrive: Asset tokenisation, Central bank digital currencies, NFTs at scale, and the Metaverse. All need faster throughput and cheaper transactions.

Taurus latest technology report focuses on scalability solutions and more specifically Ethereum Layer-2 protocols. This part I answers the following questions:

  • How L2 networks help scale Ethereum to 1000s of tps?
  • What are ZK rollups and Optimistic rollups?
  • What are the leading L2 platforms for DeFi, NFT, and dApps?

We thank Dr. Ariel Gabizon, Chief Scientist at the ZK rollup Aztec.network who provided a foreword.

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