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NFT custody: the missing link between Web2 and Web3

NFT custody: the missing link between Web2 and Web3

On June 3rd, our CMO and head of partnerships Victor Busson gave a talk at the Crypto Valley Conference in Rotkreuz, Switzerland about NFTs custody and how custodial experience will help drive NFTs adoption among regular internet users.

The presentation is available below:

While the 1st gen non-custodial wallet starts to show its adoption limit due to high friction (browser extension to download, private key writing, impossible recovery in case of loss, smart contract interaction risk, gas fees, etc...); the next wave of non-custodial wallet will only address part of the known issues (simpler private key management and recovery mechanisms notably). This leaves us with custodial experience as the key enabler of mass adoption, bridging seamlessly the Web2 and Web3 world through easy login via email; user safety via controlled interaction with smart contract and a banking-grade wallet infrastructure.

Large brands, when looking into entering the NFT space, must

  1. Protect their brand reputation at any cost, which includes: security (protect its users assets, funds and data), brand equity (protect their brand image and brand association in the metaverse) and privacy.
  2. Improve their financials (revenue & gross margin) on the short & long run via a clear product roadmap and cost structure visibility.
  3. Improve user experience by integrating NFT/digital asset workflow within their existing operations and initiatives (CRM and supply chain).
  4. Drive innovation leadership which requires in-house technology including multi-blockchain minting capabilities, secure wallet infrastructure and a controlled brand ecosystem, or even marketplace.

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