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MagicTomato, 1st Foodtech to tokenise its shares and raise equity amongst its community.

MagicTomato, 1st Foodtech to tokenise its shares and raise equity amongst its community.

MagicTomato is the 1st high-growth Swiss company to leverage Taurus Investor, a new digital portal that allows companies easily digitise shares, identify shareholders and - where needed - raise funds

MagicTomato is a high-growth Swiss foodtech disrupting the food distribution industry. With its platform that connects consumers and local producers, the company has created ecosystems within a 25-kilometre radius for shopping for fresh and healthy products.

Empowering local ecosystems

The SME with 40 employees and CHF 7m revenues, is opening up its capital to its community - customers and suppliers - in addition to institutional investors, in order to expand into new regions. The ambition is to unite more than 700 local suppliers and producers by 2023, who will earn more than 20 million francs annually thanks to the platform. The current fundraising campaign is aiming to raise CHF one million francs to carry out these developments. The entry ticket for individuals is CHF 150 francs, or 100 tokens at CHF 1.50.

It is now possible for any private company to raise fund in Switzerland in few clicks with Taurus Investor.

  • Step 1: digitise shares through tokenisation by using the CMTAT smart contract template on Ethereum or Tezos blockchain
  • Step 2: manage and transfer real shares instantly in one click
  • Step 3: raise money amongst the community.

The 1st Web3 infrastructure to power the shareholder economy

Taurus' solutions enable private companies to embrace digital ownership using blockchain technology. From now on, tokenising shares is affordable ; managing shares and fundraising is easy; creating participation plan is instant. The goal is to align interests of all the company's teams & stakeholders: founders, employees, investors, and community, including users, clients & partners.

Important note: This publication is not an offer to buy or sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy or sell any digital assets incl. but not limited to the aforementioned company or to participate in any particular trading strategy.