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First Audacia auction on TDX successfully closed

First Audacia auction on TDX successfully closed
Geneva - June 11, 2021: T-DX just closed the very first tokenised shares auction of Audacia Group SA (“Audacia”) at a price of CHF 32 per share, valuing the Swiss e-commerce company at a CHF 320 million market cap.

Tokenisation and admission
Following its equity tokenisation in collaboration with Taurus in April 2021, the shares of the Swiss private company Audacia were admitted for trading on the T-DX regulated marketplace on Monday 7 June at 9:00am CET. The trading pair available was AUD / CHF. In addition, Audacia published audited financial statements.

How does it work? Auction-based trading
The trading was organized in the form of an auction. Professional investors were able to place or cancel limit orders during the auction opening hours to participate until today Friday 11 June 12:00am CET. At the end of the auction, buy and sell orders were matched to result in trades executed at a single price of CHF 32.-- per tokenised share.

Proven blue print for private assets digitisation
Asset tokenisation in full compliance with Swiss law, regulated secondary-market trading, and private asset settlement worked smoothly. Investors were able to place buy or sell orders in two clicks and shares settled instantaneously at the end of the auction. What used to take weeks now takes a couple of seconds.

What's next?
Audacia auction-based trading will continue on a monthly basis before possibly considering continuous trading. The next discretionary auction will take place on July 5. Other companies and issuers will be announced soon.

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